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Please remember to return your One Mission Giving pledges as soon as possible so we may have them back in time for budget planning!


December 6, 2016 – Community Forum on Protecting Houses of Worship – Columbia Police Department Regional Training Center. Registration is

5:15 -5:30 and presentation is from 5:30 – 8:00.  Please rsvp to RSVP-KC@ic.fbi.gov (include name & date of the event in your response).


January 14, 2017 – 11:00 AM – Summer Youth Trip to Hungary:  Informational Meeting – Trinity Presbyterian, Columbia


March 3 & 4, 2017 – Spirit of Stewardship Workshop “Sowing Seeds of Generosity” – Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church, KC, MO

Click here for information on worship and workshop offerings and keynote speakers.


April 21-23, 2017 – Presbyterian Women:  Synod of Mid America Spring Gathering – Radisson Hotel, Branson, MO

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Continuous Discipleship

The Continuous Discipleship resource is provided for individual devotion and study or for use as an opening devotion for a session or committee meeting. The articles can also be used for adult, new member, or confirmation study. There are twelve article on five topics: Presbyterian, Book of Order, Bible, Worship, Mission. These brief one page articles provide small nibbles of the enormity of God and discipleship guidance.

Presbyterian Book of Order Bible Worship Mission
God Christ is Head of the Church How the Bible Came to Be Service of the Lord’s Day Church as Reign of God
Christ Great Ends of the Church Authority of Bible Daily Personal Worship Discernment
Holy Spirit Glossary Biblical Interpretation Christian Nurture Evangelism
Trinity Confessional Standards Old Testament Joyful Worship Congregational Meetings
Scripture Presbytery New Testament Prayer Administration
Grace Synod
General Assembly
God Speaks through the Patriarchs Scripture Church Property
Sin Presbyterian Seal …Kings and Prophets Preaching Pastoral Care
Church Diversity and Inclusiveness …Exile and Restoration Baptism Mission
Worship Membership as Ministry …Jesus Christ Lord’s Supper Compassion
Sacraments Ministers and  Church Professionals …Apostles and Early Church Self-Offering Justice
Predestination Elders and Deacons Revelation Relating to Each Other Caring for Creation
Presbyterian God Alone is Lord of Conscience Versions Church Year Church Discipline


Churches of Missouri Union Presbytery

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