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June 2, 2016 Presbytery Meeting

Camp Covenant Point
Registration starts at 9:00 am and the meeting starts at 10:00 am.

MUP Pac Documents.
Please review and print those that you want for the meeting.)

Boundaries Training for Pastors

2016 Boundaries Training
Life-enriching Relationships in the Congregation

This workshop explores the meaning and practice of healthy boundaries in the context of ministry.  It will also identify the signs, dangers, and preventions of boundary violations, including those in today’s social media. The workshop begins with an assumption that the complexity of relational dynamics in the congregation is one of its greatest possibilities and its greatest challenges for ministry.

First Christian Church, Sedalia, MO
Saturday, September, 24, 2016
Facilitator:  Rev. Donna Rose-Heim
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Fellowship Christian Church, Kansas City, KS
Saturday, October 1, 2016
Facilitator:  Rev. Bruce Moeller
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m

The cost of the training is $70.00 and includes lunch.  Click here for more information

Representatives of Hungarian Reformed Church visit Missouri Union Presbytery


Visitors from the Hungarian Reformed Church celebrate with a communion service with members of Missouri Union Presbytery at First Presbyterian Church in Jefferson City on April 3.

Our Hungarian brothers and sisters visited Lincon University, Camp Covenant Point, Sen. Mike Kehoe at the State Capital, the Missouri Union Presbytery office and First Presbyterian Church in Jefferson City, MO.

February 23 Presbytery Meeting

The Presbytery Meeting is to held at the
TUESDAY, February 23, 2016

Below are the documents for the meeting.  Please print them off and bring them with you.  If there is information in the packet that would be of interest to others in your congregation, PLEASE SHARE IT WITH THEM!
February 2016 MUP Newsletter
Docket-Feb. 23, 2016 MTG
Minutes from 10.29.2015 Meeting 
Proposed Amendments to the Standing Rules
Evelyn Bedell Nomination Form
Committe on Ministry Report
2016 Budget
Camp Directors Report
Camp Poster with REVISED Dates
PW 2016 Winter Newsletter

Parish Papers   (read before printing)
How Ministry Teams Get Things Done
The Payday Lending Crisis-What Congregations Can Do
What Numbers Matter for Congregations
How to Deal with Church Conflict 
Directions to First Presbyterian Church, Mexico, Missouri: –
The church is located on the west side of Bus US 54 just south of Mexico. Turn onto Lakeview Rd. and turn left into parking lot. Enter the church on the north side adjacent to the parking lot.

Continuous Discipleship

The Continuous Discipleship resource is provided for individual devotion and study or for use as an opening devotion for a session or committee meeting. The articles can also be used for adult, new member, or confirmation study. There are twelve article on five topics: Presbyterian, Book of Order, Bible, Worship, Mission. These brief one page articles provide small nibbles of the enormity of God and discipleship guidance.

Presbyterian Book of Order Bible Worship Mission
God Christ is Head of the Church How the Bible Came to Be Service of the Lord’s Day Church as Reign of God
Christ Great Ends of the Church Authority of Bible Daily Personal Worship Discernment
Holy Spirit Glossary Biblical Interpretation Christian Nurture Evangelism
Trinity Confessional Standards Old Testament Joyful Worship Congregational Meetings
Scripture Presbytery New Testament Prayer Administration
Grace Synod
General Assembly
God Speaks through the Patriarchs Scripture Church Property
Sin Presbyterian Seal …Kings and Prophets Preaching Pastoral Care
Church Diversity and Inclusiveness …Exile and Restoration Baptism Mission
Worship Membership as Ministry …Jesus Christ Lord’s Supper Compassion
Sacraments Ministers and  Church Professionals …Apostles and Early Church Self-Offering Justice
Predestination Elders and Deacons Revelation Relating to Each Other Caring for Creation
Presbyterian God Alone is Lord of Conscience Versions Church Year Church Discipline


Churches of Missouri Union Presbytery

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