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  • Daily Lectionary Readings for March 03, 2015
    Morning Psalm 34 1   I will bless the LORD at all times;           his praise shall continually be in my mouth. 2   My soul makes its boast in the LORD;           let the humble hear and be glad. 3   O magnify the LORD with me,           and let us exalt his name together. 4   I sought the LORD, and he answered me, […]

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Continuous Discipleship

The Continuous Discipleship resource is provided for individual devotion and study or for use as an opening devotion for a session or committee meeting. The articles can also be used for adult, new member, or confirmation study. There are twelve article on five topics: Presbyterian, Book of Order, Bible, Worship, Mission. These brief one page articles provide small nibbles of the enormity of God and discipleship guidance.

Presbyterian Book of Order Bible Worship Mission
God Christ is Head of the Church How the Bible Came to Be Service of the Lord’s Day Church as Reign of God
Christ Great Ends of the Church Authority of Bible Daily Personal Worship Discernment
Holy Spirit Glossary Biblical Interpretation Christian Nurture Evangelism
Trinity Confessional Standards Old Testament Joyful Worship Congregational Meetings
Scripture Presbytery New Testament Prayer Administration
Grace Synod
General Assembly
God Speaks through the Patriarchs Scripture Church Property
Sin Presbyterian Seal …Kings and Prophets Preaching Pastoral Care
Church Diversity and Inclusiveness …Exile and Restoration Baptism Mission
Worship Membership as Ministry …Jesus Christ Lord’s Supper Compassion
Sacraments Ministers and  Church Professionals …Apostles and Early Church Self-Offering Justice
Predestination Elders and Deacons Revelation Relating to Each Other Caring for Creation
Presbyterian God Alone is Lord of Conscience Versions Church Year Church Discipline


February 2015 MUP Pac

Here are the documents for the Presbytery Meeting on Feb. 10, 2015 at Covenant Presbyterian Church at 10 E. Yerby St., Marshall, MO.  Registration begins at 8:30.  Some of the documents below contain information for others in your cogregation.  Be sure to share it with them.  There are also flyers for the church bulletin board.

MUP Newsletter
Minutes from Previous Meeting
Proposed Amendments to Presbytery Standing Rules
GA Proposed Amendments
Dismissal & Transfer Agreement
Budget Draft
Peacemaking Flyer
Camp Report
Youth Event Flyer
Camp Clean-Up Flyer
Camp Staff Flyer
Retreat Registration
PW Newsletter
2015 Prayer Calendar
Parish Paper-Our Future Pastors
Parish Paper- Retirement
Gary Hanson Lecture Flyer

Camp Sunday – Feb. 8 2015

Camp Sunday – Feb. 8Covenant Point GI org logo sm
Camp and Conference Ministry Emphasis Sunday is on February 8th this year.  This is a chance to remember the mission that we have at Covenant Point.  There is such value in a place to get away from our everyday and connect with God and one another.  Help your churches remember this and start to plan to come to Camp.  Family Camp this year is all new and going to be led by Joel Montgomery.  It is open to anyone to come for however long they can during the week of July 10th – 17th. Our goal is a Christian Resort Getaway feel to the week and know it will be great for the soul.

Click on the link below for a Complete Worship Service Template to help you plan and coodinate worship to emphasize camping ministry and it’s benefits.   Worship Service Ideas  If you missed it this year, any Sunday is good to promote and remind people about Camp!

Thank you and see you at Camp!

The Annual Paperwork is Out!

The annual “big pack o’ paperwork” is on its way to the beloved Clerks of Session of Missouri Union Presbytery.  In case you lose, mis-place or otherwise “file” your paperwork pack and are unable to locate it, the bulk of the forms are available below.

Forms due by January 26
Church Change Form-this form is very church specific and you can request a new one by emailing Angela, or calling 1/855-635-9221 to talk directly to her regarding any changes that may have occured in your church information.
Necrology Report

Forms that are due February 19
Session Annual Statistical Report Form
If you would like, you can fill out this form online here.  If you need your church ID and password (which was on the hard-copy of the report that was mailed to you) email the office or call Phil Olson at 810/845-2078.
Directions for filling out the Session Annual Statistical Report
Annual Mission Inventory Form
Elder Email Request Form
How Presbytery Service Benefits Your Church

Easy to use Checklists- This will tell you about how you can win CHOCOLATE PRIZES for completing your paperwork on time.

Clerks of Session, the information you report each year is added to the information that has been collected  for over 200 years in the Presbyterian Church.  Your grandchildren will be able to research your church’s statistical data because you cared enough to report it each year.
If you are NOT a Clerk of Session, please be sure to thank your Clerk of Session for their dedicated hard work in keeping the records of your congregation!

Camp Cookie Boxes

cookies logoCamp Covenant Point Secret Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookie Boxes are out with all the information needed in one pretty little box to promote Camp at your church, including the Summer Camp for 2015 brochure, schedule and registration forms.  The cookies are incentives to help get the boxes delivered and posters hung up.  If information hasn’t made it to your church contact Rob at 573.295.4456 or campdirector at CampCovenantPoint.org

The digital form of everything in the Cookie Box is here.

2015 Summer Camp Registration and Release Form
2015 Camp 8×11 Poster2
2015 Reservation Form
2015 Covenant Point General Info Sheet
Staff Application

Our new website CampCovenantPoint.org is coming soon with better photos, ways to keep in touch throughout the year and a way to register online


The MUP Pac is Here!

Here is your copy of the MUP Pac for theTHURSDAY,  November 6, Missouri Union Presbytery Meeting at Broadway Presbyterian Church in Sedalia.

Clerks, please forward these documents to the commissioner from your church attending the meeting.  They should print them out and bring the documents with them.  This Pac also contains information for others in your congregation.  Please share it with them!  

MUP November Newsletter
Minutes of the August 23 Presbytery Meeting
Proposed dates for Presbytery Meetings in 2015
Trustees Report
2015 Budget DRAFT
Please review these financial reports before you print them out as some of them have several pages.
September balance sheet
September Receipts/Expenditures-short form
  September Receipts/Expenditures-long form
Camp Directors Report
Senior High Retreat Flyer/Registration
Prebyterian Women Newsletter
Should We Consider Closing Our Church?
Getting the Most Out of a Consulting Process


Presbyterian Women Service Opportunities

Presbyterian Women all over the world join together to make a positive difference in Mission.  Click on the link below to learn about how Presbyterian Women in Missouri Union Presbytery are working together in a wide variety of mission projects.

  Mission Projects Instructables-2014 (2.7 MiB, 140 hits)

We Want Your College Students!

Get Connected!

If any of your High School graduates are getting ready to attend college in Columbia, Kirksville, Fulton or Marshall, we want to know!  Just give us their name, email address and home church information and we’ll take care of the rest.  A campus minister in their college town will contact them and help them ease into adjustment of college life and connect with other Christians students interested in continuing their faith journey.  Just click on the name of the city inwhich your students will be attending college and fill out the form!


Facts related to the recent action of the General Assembly and a letter from the Moderator

  Frequently Asked Questions (45.2 KiB, 198 hits)

June 19, 2014

To congregations of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.):

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Earlier today, the 221st General Assembly (2014) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) approved a recommendation from its Assembly Committee on Civil Union and Marriage Issues allowing for pastoral discretion to perform “any such marriage they believe the Holy Spirit calls them to perform,” where legal by state law.

They also approved a recommendation to change language in the Book of Order to indicate that “marriage involves a unique commitment between two people, traditionally a man and a woman.”

Both decisions came with much thought, discussion, and prayer, and clearly the entire body that is the PC(USA) will be interpreting these actions for some time.

Please know that the same triune God in whom we place our hope, faith, and trust in is still in control, and that the assembly’s action today is the result of deep discernment to hear God’s voice and discern God’s will.

We concur with the feelings expressed by Teaching Elder Commissioner Jeffrey Bridgeman, moderator of the Assembly Committee on Civil Union and Marriage Issues, during his presentation to the assembly.

“The apostle Paul tells us that ours is, in fact, ‘the ministry of reconciliation’ as ‘ambassadors of Christ,’ and he died for us so that we might be reconciled, that we might become reconcilers,” Bridgeman said.

In this season of both happiness and sadness over the assembly’s decisions, we call on you to remember the overflowing grace and love God gifts us with, and to take seriously our charge to bestow the same grace and love on one another.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord,

Ruling Elder Heath K. Rada, Moderator,221st General Assembly

The Reverend Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly

Ruing Elder Linda Valentine, Executive Director, Presbyterian Mission Agency


Missouri Union Presbytery Seminary Graduates-2014

Missouri Union Presbytery Candidate, Susan Presley, graduated May 18 with a Masters of Divinity from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Missouri Union Presbytery Candidate, Joe Siefkas, graduated May 18 from Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis with a Masters of Divinity.

Congratulations from Missouri Union Presbytery for these accomplishments.

Churches of Missouri Union Presbytery

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Two Young Adult Volunteers from MUP

Two churches in Missouri Union Presbytery are definitely doing something right! Both Trinity Presbyterian Church in Columbia and First Presbyterian Church in Jefferson City have members who are participating in the YAV or Young Adult Volunteer Program. YAVS typically have a year long experience for persons aged 18-30 to participate in direct service and service learning, working with local ministries and agencies. While doing so, they live simply and engage in an intentional Christian community and grow in personal discipleship. 

Daniel Edmonds, from Trinity PC will begin serving in Atlanta, Georgia. Daniel will put his faith into practice through living in community, exploring urban issues, developing a contemplative life and serving the city of Atlanta. He will work in agencies near downtown Atlanta that seek to impact and advocate for positive change in the city.
Laura Robinette will be serving in Hollywood, CA in the neighborhood ministry program out of La Casa de la Comunidad. This site seeks young adults to serve and learn with the people of Hollywood, to engage in intentional Christian community and personal discipleship, to work with local ministries and agencies and to explore urban, multicultural ministry as a vocation and calling.

Want to learn more about YAVs?

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