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Hungarian Reformed Partnership

In 1984 Missouri Union Presbytery entered into a covenant relationship with the Hungarian Reformed Church.  During these past 24 years God has provided many opportunities for mission and growth—in both Christian friendship and our common Reformed Faith, as together, we follow Christ to build up God’s kingdom on earth.  In early years, efforts were concentrated on reopening the seminary at Saraspatak, which was founded in 1531, but had been closed during almost 50 years of Communist oppression. The Saraspatak Academy now includes a primary school, a high school, and a seminary. In addition, Missouri Union has a partnership with the Hungarian Reformed church district in Ukraine.  In more recent years, much of the mission support has been a joint outreach ministry to the desperately poor church in Ukraine and Roma (Gypsy) communities. During 2008, Missouri Union and individual churches sent over $22,000 to support ministry in Ukraine, Romania and Hungary.

For more information about becoming involved in this mission work, please contact Aaron White or Zac Wolfe  who are co-chairs of the Hungarian Mission Team.

 Basic Information: The population of Hungary is less than that of the state of Illinois, but the Hungarian Reformed Church has almost as many members as the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Some members of the Hungarian Reformed Church live outside the current borders of Hungary, because the denomination extends to territory that was Hungary prior to 1923.The HRC is comprised of 9 church districts, which include 64 sub-districts (similar to PCUSA presbyteries.)  In 2009 a unified constitution will be presented, hoping to solidify unity among the Reformed Christians in Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Transylvania (Romania). 

Each church district has a bishop (a minister) and head curator (an elder). The term of office is 6 years; an individual may serve 3 terms. Congregations elect commissioners and the districts elect delegates to the General Synod. The General Synod is where Bishops and Head Curators are elected; a new term begins in 2009. Missouri Union Presbytery partners with the Cistibiscan Church District (Tiszaninneni) — the northeast quadrant of Hungary.  Their bishop is Jozsef Csomos. Tibor Abram is the Head Curator and Hajnalka Domokos is the head of the office staff. David Pandy-Szekeres, a missionary of the Presbyterian Church of Canada, is our primary contact for ministry in the Ukraine.