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Criminal Justice

The Missouri Union Presbytery Criminal Justice Team is dedicated to strengthening the bonds between children and their incarcerated parents.  They support the following organizations/programs.

Agape House –  Research shows that those who have maintained contact with families make a smoother transition to society.  In an effort to make family contact with offenders easier and more affordable, Agape Houses of Vandalia and Jefferson City stand ready to provide overnight accommodations.  Contact Vandalia Agape House at 573/594-6755.

P.A.T.CH –  (Parents And Their Children) is a non-profit organization operating in Chillicothe and Vandalia to encourage contact between mothers who are incarcerated and their children. To qualify for a PATCH visitation program, prisoners must attend parenting classes and a support group, as well as follow institutional regulations.

Story Link is a program where prisoners who are 90 days free from violations can read a story to read a book on tape to their children to strengthen the family ties.

Community Service Project — Mail Kits  A Mail Kit is a decorated box with writing supplies given to children of incarcerated parents.  A gift of a mail kit can help children and their  incarcerated parents stay in touch with each other. It helps provide a low cost method of  communication that helps strengthen family bonds.   

  How to Make a Mail Kit! (233.3 KiB, 1,169 hits)