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Church & Society/Peacemaking

Letter from the Moderator
Thanks for visiting the Church & Society & Peacemaking Mission Team webpage! The purpose of the Church & Society & Peacemaking Mission Team within Missouri Union Presbytery is to identify and report to Presbyterians regarding critical ethical issues confronting Missourians, particularly those issues related to our Christian faith and state government. The Church & Society & Peacemaking Mission Team strives to provide timely information that recipients can use to develop input and recommendations to their elected and appointed officials.

The Mission Team has been working since 2005 to monitor important social issues in Missouri and our state government’s response to these challenges. Each year, our Team sends a survey of issues to each church within Missouri Union Presbytery in order to establish the issues we will track for the upcoming year. The results of the 2011 survey showed that the greatest concerns were around state budget cuts and the repercussions these cuts will have on education and key programs that support Missouri families.

After visits to the other three Presbyteries within Missouri, the Church & Society & Peacemaking Mission Team has joined together with the Presbyteries in St. Louis, Springfield and Kansas City for a statewide effort as we track on common issues impacting Missouri citizens.

The first meeting of the four Mission Teams representing Giddings-Lovejoy, Heartland, John Calvin and Missouri Union took place at First Presbyterian Church in Jefferson City in January of 2010. This statewide group has continued meeting three times each year since, and our eighth meeting in Jefferson City was held on May 5, 2012. A highlight of the statewide meetings over the past two years was a visit by Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson II, Director of the Office of Public Witness for the Presbyterian Church USA. He brought many helpful ideas to the four statewide Team and encouraged us as we strive to develop effective communication and education regarding ethical issues of interest to Presbyterians statewide. During his visit to Jefferson City, Rev. Nelson congratulated Missouri on finding a way to bring four different Presbytery Teams together to work as a united group on common areas of concern. Rev. Nelson imparted many words of wisdom during his day in Jefferson City and as he left, he encouraged our group to be faithful, pray, don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be discouraged, always get up and try again! Referencing Luke 4 and Isaiah 61, Rev. Nelson urged us to work at:

  1. Leading Biblically;
  2. Speaking Theologically;
  3. Acting Faithfully!

It is our hope that many Presbyterians will educate themselves and respond to these important issues that impact the less fortunate in our society. The Church & Society & Peacemaking Mission Team encourages questions about the issues we are currently tracking and hopes that our fellow Presbyterians will let their faith lead them to appropriate actions.

Members of the Mission Team are available to present information to Sessions, Boards of Deacons, and congregations. Please let us know if your church would like information about the work of our Team. If would like to join the work of the Mission Team and/or be added to our email alert list click here. Regular updates, meetings schedules, and alerts will be provided via this website as well, so please check back frequently.

Debby Howland
Deuteronomy 15:11


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